Commercial V-Twin Husker

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Commercial V-Twin Husker

commercail_v-husker_sqOur commercial Husker can process up to 400kg per hour (NIH)

Powered by either Electric motor or PTO tractor drive allowing it to be operated out in the orchard or a processing shed.

– Adjustable inlet gate for nuts of all sizes from 20mm up

to 55mm diameter

– Hinged top for easy cleaning

– No pre-sorting of nuts required

– Motor can be run on either:

240V  50HZ single phase

110V  60Hz two phase

Purchase Price:

Commercial V-Twin Husker

$7,950.00  USD  ** Price includes delivery to your door **

*Includes all freight and insurance charges to your door, excluding any local duties and taxes, Shipping times are based on historical delivery averages.

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