Commercial Twin Cracker

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Commercial Twin Cracker

Based on the same technology as our cracker / Husker this unit is a dedicated commercial cracker, Using hardened steel knives to consistently achieve 65% or higher whole kernels.
The hopper holds 10kg (NIS) allowing this machine to be loaded one sack at a time or by means of an incline conveyor from a bulk bin.

Can be placed to feed directly onto your sorting conveyor or into a colour sorter.

– Cracks up to 100 to 120kg per hour (NIS) dependent on the size of the nuts

– No presorting of nuts from 16mm up to 42 mm diameter

– Comes complete with Feed hopper, machine and frame.

– Heavy Capacity 1.5kw Motor

– Can be run on either:
240v 50Hz  Single phase
110v 60Hz   Two phase

Purchase Price:

Commercial Twin Cracker

$7,950.00 USD ** Price Includes delivery to your door **

*Includes all freight and insurance charges to your door, Excluding any local duties or taxes, Shipping times are based on historical delivery time averages

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